Vocabulary you should know before betting on football.

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Vocabulary you should know before betting on football.

HT means first-half betting with the first 45 minutes plus injury time by 1×2 betting, i.e. HT1 is the home team wins, HTx is a draw, HT2 is the away team wins.

FT means full-time thrust with 90 minutes plus injury time. By betting on 1×2 football, FT T1 is the home team wins, FT x is a draw, FT 2 is the visiting team wins.


OE Double Score Betting

TG Odd Score Betting

FG Betting on which team will score the first goal.

LG Betting on which team will score the last goal.

Mix Parlay Parlay Betting

First corner Dumped at the first corner of the match.

Penalty or P Penalty Shootout


Reputed to be a sport that many people are not interested in. And nowadays, betting is convenient and fast. With online football betting that can be done easily in just a few minutes. If interested in online gambling, you can click on UFABET to start a new and unique betting experience. The most effective football betting is knowing the betting strategy as well as how to read the game for the player’s maximum profit, such as checking the odds of the bet. In addition to football betting, there are also options to choose from many types of football that players can bet with the strategies mentioned above. However, the heart of betting to get rich is choosing the type of betting. A stab that suits you Whether it’s a single ball or a step ball Because if it is a single ball, you must choose a pair that is sure to have a high chance of winning. While stepping football must analyze the game and take more time than single ball betting.