Spin paste online game

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Spin paste online game From the oldest gambling game to a new online gambling game that has never been done before. Because this game is an online spinning game. Use only one coin to play, easier to play than all types of gambling but play in normal form than finding coins Still have to spin, very difficult, but today UFABET presents a game of spinning paste online. What will be the format?

How to play and more explanations for the game of spin paste online UFABET.

The method of playing is as simple as playing a typical spin-pak, but the payout rate is slightly different from that of the ordinary spin-pak.​

  • There will be 2 ways to bet, head bet, tail bet.
  • Players must place bets within 15 seconds, heads or tails.
  • If past 15 seconds The game will be automatically selected.
  • The payout rate will be paid at 1:0.97. For example, when the head is down, the result is a player’s head. Paying 100 will get 97 baht.
  • The payout ratio will be 1:1, for example when betting heads100. But the result is a tail, the player must pay 100 baht
  • When the player chooses to invest both heads and tails in the same amount At the end of the play, the player will have to pay and have to pay a fee of 3 baht.
  • For example, if you invest in heads and tails of 100 baht, you will lose an additional 3 baht. It’s not worth it.