Premier players Awaken the robbers turned to hire special

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Ufabet , the media said that the Premier League players Looking for a way to hire a former special forces soldier. Come to protect the family at home. After frequent robberies in the latter part

The report came after Northwestern clubs Acknowledge the concerns of players that they may not be safe. And has formed a group to share intelligence to better protect the safety of the lives and property of the players.

Last week, Victor Lindelof’s wife, Maya Nielsson, revealed that burglars had broken into the house without her and her children. Had to hide in a room Premier players

Players have begun to hire ex-SAS soldiers to provide protection while they are awayCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

A series of attacks on footballers’ homes have rocked the area in recent weeks with Victor Lindelof and Joao Cancelo targeting.

While Chow Cancelo was injured in a defensive fight in December after four thieves stormed his home and stole diamonds and valuables.

The more frequent incidents caused the players to turn to the services of a security company. that employs former British special forces come to protect the family

“It’s not new,” one official explained.

“But it’s been happening a lot lately.”

“There are more footballers adopting trained dogs. But sometimes they want someone who has a real person. “

So they turned to companies that used people who were former special forces.”