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Pokdeng game in Ufabet , this online pokdeng has been picked up to play in the most comfortable way. With a simple theme that is easy on the eyes Along with having to choose. A character like your own avatar to play the game. The game is available in multiple languages. Of course, including Thai language. The first page of the game is not superfluous. Come in and let us choose a room according to the amount of money or according to our skill.

Pokdeng game, the king of card games, loved by Thai people

  1. when you come in You will see that there will be a room to choose from to play. There will be three large rooms, namely beginners, professionals, and sages, which, fiercely, should understand the meaning of each room well. besides the difficulty The stabbing rate is also higher accordingly. The betting rate starts from just 5 baht, up to a maximum of 5000 baht per eye.
  2. The game will randomly select one player to be the dealer. Players can choose to be the owner.
  3. You will deal cards to the players around the circle. before handing out to himself, 2 tickets each
  4. Put these two cards together. If the combination is 8 or 9, it is called Pok. high winning chance If you don’t get 8 or 9 either
  5. When looking at the two cards that have already been If the total points are less than 4, two bounces, the game will have the option for us to choose to draw more cards. It is up to us whether we are satisfied with the points we have or not.
  6. When playing cards and drawing cards around the circle including the dealer The cards will begin to face up for everyone. It will start from the dealer keep coming and going until the end, whoever scores less than you loses, more wins, always the same.