“Juventus” agreed to pay 75 million. Prepare to acquire “Vlahovic”

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According to Ufabet Sport Italia , Juventus have reached an agreement with Fiorentina to sign Dusan Vlahovic for €75 million, in

the amount of 75 million. The Euros will make Vlahovic the most expensive player in Serie A. Ah in the January trading market Including being the most expensive player Fior has sold out of the team

The two clubs reached an agreement at the latest meeting today (Tuesday), although they still have to agree on a form of payment. This deal, but mainly “the Bianconeri” is willing to go as requested by Fiorentina,

Fabrizio Romano reports in the same way that Juventus have reached an oral agreement with Fiorentina. That the amount will be paid in exchange for the 21-year-old,

reports Gazzetta dello Sport.Also stated that Vlahovic has agreed a personal contract with Juventus as well, with a five-year contract with a salary of 7 million euros per year

. In 2021, after scoring 33 goals in 43 appearances for Manchester City

, his contract with FIO expires in 2023 and has made clear his desire to leave the club. Having opted out of a new €4m a year contract,

Vlahovic, who has scored 17 goals in 21 Serie A games this season, is leading the league’s top scorer alongside Ciro Immobi. Lazio striker