Greenwood is not beautiful returns to Manchester United army despite Adidas backing.

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Sources close to Manchester United striker Mason Greenwood say the starlet is not optimistic about returning to the team despite Adidas backing.

The 21-year-old has been missing from the pitch since January 2022 after being charged with assault and rape. Until being acquitted last February but has not yet returned to the “Red Devils” army.

Previously, it was reported that Adidas. The kit sponsor of the “Red Devils” had talks with the club about Greenwood returning to the team again. UFABET Which the report said was positive. But sources close to the player say the Englishman is not overly optimistic at the moment.

“He was encourage to speak publicly so his voice could be heard.” the source said. “But personally, he told those close to him that he had learn a lot.”

“He was a father for the first time in early months and it made him realize that. He had to grow up. He’s grateful to adidas – having that sponsor in his corner means the whole world.”

“After some misreported speculation by the media. It is important for us to clarify that adidas have not spoken to Manchester United about any of their players. We are not obligated to make any decisions. about team members or club officials.” an adidas spokesperson said.