England calls for urgent discussion on illegal fan behavior

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The Ufabet reported that the Premier League. The English Football League and the England Football Association Call an urgent meeting on the behavior of the fans. Who are now becoming increasingly barbaric.

Officials from all three will attend an important emergency meeting with the UK’s England Football Police. to discuss such problems.

The Premier League will speak to the Football Association, the English Football League and the police amid a rise in incidents of crowd trouble.

Arrests at football matches across the top five English leagues are at their highest levels in years.

The UK’s football policing lead has said fan disorder is “getting worse”.

One fan was charged with assault and two fans were arrested after players were hit by objects in Premier League matches at the weekend.

Everton fans Arrested on the pitch after throwing a bottle at Aston Villa’s Luca Digne. And Matty Cash on Saturday, 19-year-old Roger Tweedle. Onto the pitch and faces court. next month

London Metropolitan Police also arrested two men involved in throwing objects onto the pitch targeting Antonio Rudiger during Chelsea’s clash with Tottenham on Sunday.

Both incidents occurred. After it was previously reported. West Ham United fans clashed with police at Old Trafford. And a mysterious drone. Was used not only at Brentford. But in Manchester. City Draw Southampton There have also been stories of football fans clashing with stadium officials and police.

There have been a lot of stories about the bad behaviour of football fans before, so officials are now preparing for a meeting to discuss further action.