Police patrol the house of Vlajovic after it was near the Zebra.

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Police had to patrol security around Dusan Vlajovic ‘s home amid reports that Juventus had agreed to a €75m deal for him from Fiorentina.

The move was imminent after Italian media reported that Fiorentina had accepted. An offer from Juventus with the details of the deal being cleared

. Willing to let Vlakhovich move out of the team to live with “Bianconeri” after the players rejected all other offers. Even more glamorous offers from Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Newcastle United

have also claimed he has agreed a preliminary personal contract with the Danturin. Before denying a contract extension with Fiorentina in the summer

Italian sources include Sky Sport Italia, Ufabet Mediaset and Sport Italia.It states that the deal will have an initial value of €67 million plus bonuses.

The move angered fans of Muang Mahakan and hung banners scolding and threatening Vlajovic at several locations in the city of

La Repubblica, saying police had to drive. A patrol car patrolls Vlahovic’s house to make sure nothing dangerous has happened.

Although the police have not yet fully deployed But it was a more tense situation for this transfer.

Juventus and Fiorentina have not been together for a long time and the transfer of players between the two teams is full of stories. including the riot that broke out when Roberto Baggio joined Juve in 1990.