‘Aubameyang’ is expected to join the military in detention in Dubai

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is expected to not be part of the Arsenal. Svquad that will travel to a training camp in Dubai this week

He’s been playing for Arsenal since last month when he was sacked from captaincy. After being punished for disciplinary

action, the Gunners are slating for the players to travel to a winter camp in Dubai, starting on Thursday. But no one expected Aubameyang to travel with the squad . The Ufabet report

The 32-year-old is in training alone at the London Colney and is likely to move before the transfer window closes.

They were offered on loan from a Middle Eastern team that would carry Aubameyang’s wages of around £250,000 a week, but they weren’t interested.

European clubs are also interested in him. But moving to a team in this continent may cause Arsenal to bear some of the player’s wages.

Aubameyang’s departure would mean Arsenal have fewer options up front and so far they have not been able to find a new striker

. Strengthen the army to keep up with the closed market and Mikel Arteta, the team’s coach travels to America at this time. After having planned in advance to travel to talk to team owner Stan Kroenke, the coronavirus

outbreak has made the two sides unable to meet face to face. But the break gave them a chance to meet face-to-face.